Joachim McMillan

Joachim McMillan

Joachim McMillan is a self-taught artist who epitomizes what true raw talent is about. Using an impressionistic style, he does not allow himself to be confined to rules and possesses a bold spirit that allows him to experiment with his craft and seek constant growth and reinvention.
As an innovative artist, Joachim McMillan brings to the world a vibrant and unique art style that explores the energy of life through color and texture. His paintings reflect the multi-faceted nature of the human condition and the world in which we live and he achieves this by dissecting his paintings with energetic strokes using palette knives. The palette knife is his creative edge, and he works with oils on canvas to produce art that stimulates curiosity and marvels the observer. In fact, as regards the subjects of his works, there is the occasional presence of ambiguity which adds more intrigue as the viewer entertains several possibilities and explanations of what the paintings are expressing. This avant-garde style of art is unparalleled and so too is the skill of merging his art with a fashion brand.

“The art of making art depends on the artist’s creativity, unique style and vision.” – Joachim McMillan