Hello: my name is Cuit Meza, pronounced _ (Qu'eet - Mee'za.) I Studied digital art at college in the state of California in the United States. I design Digital 3D Art for Art Pal.Com. The gallery I designed and painted, is about Military Jets, Old and New Cars, also Old and New Trucks. I recommend my paintings on Art Pal coffee mugs, for ice breakers, and good conversation, and business as well - just click any one of my paintings and click coffee mugs I personally like the old trucks. Thanks for taking time to view my gallery and have a great day.

Fire Truck Gallery

Military Fighter Jets

Aviation Military Fighter Jets

Cadillac Limousine Gallery

Cadillac Gallery

Birds Gallery

The Old Trucks Gallery

The Old Cars Gallery

New Car Gallery 1

New Car Gallery 2

New Car Gallery 3

New Car Gallery 4

Old Car Gallery 5

Old Car Gallery 6

Old Car Gallery 7

Old Car Gallery 8

Jesus Christ Heals Gallery