Hello: my name is Cuit Meza, pronounced _ (Qu'eet - Mee'za.) I Studied digital art at my local community college in the state of California in the United States. I design Digital 3D Art for Art Pal.Com. The gallery I designed and painted, is about Military Jets, Old and New Cars, also Old and New Trucks. I recommend my paintings on Art Pal coffee mugs, for ice breakers, and good conversation, and business as well - just click any one of my paintings and click coffee mugs I personally like the old trucks. Thanks for taking time to view my gallery and have a great day.

Armed Forces Gallery

Peterbilt Trucks,Caterpillar Trucks

Fire Truck Gallery

Military Fighter Jets

Aviation Military Fighter Jets

Cadillac Limousine Gallery

Cadillac Gallery

Birds Gallery

The Old Trucks Gallery

The Old Cars Gallery

New Car Gallery 1

New Car Gallery 2

New Car Gallery 3

New Car Gallery 4

Old Car Gallery 5

Old Car Gallery 6

Old Car Gallery 7

Old Car Gallery 8

Jesus Christ Heals Gallery