Jesus Marketing & Country

Jesus Marketing & Country

Vibrant custom art to share your faith by Midwestern Visual Artist Larry Wernert, appreciate all purchases supporting the ministry, also portion of profit goes to a freeing slaves ministry.

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About me humble servant of the Lord with 3-D photographic mind since 1st grade rejoicing with Hillsong Young & Free, Bethel and akin Jesus Music sketching. It is all about Jesus Savior, saved at 16 mercifully radically transformed new spiritual rebirthday and extremely heart refreshing; found power over spiritual in name of Lord Jesus Christ & miraculous healing of tri-metals poisoning full personality back and nouns back --seek His will Jesus Freeing! God sent me 1700 miles to home saving daughters life from Rx liver toxicity--extremely priceless. Multiple sclerosis crushing pain vanished pain freedom & full personality back-- Jesus Extremely Freeing!
So God bloomed vibrant Jesus art out of me His idea for everyone to share Jesus to the world around them--Jesus ice breakers.

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