Jesus Marketing & Country

Jesus Marketing & Country

🤠👍Hi everyone! Fun a fun Summer! You an order direct from me and I mail out not 100 mb by Up to 1G 300 dpi to sport in home or vehicles, computers, Bible Covers — enjoy the patented art need art on Bible or computer contact me at for a quote and layout.
I am blessed as a humbled Visual Artist 👩‍🎨 photographic mind for images —art 100% of my income disabled.

It is about Jesus-- not me

Available Witnessing cards, license plates, posters etc. , Adding window and bumper stickers, adding soccer mom clear stickers auto soon, stickers various size packages available for back of phone or back computer and cup or mugs soon UV spray clear coated, auto/dish washer safe, yard signs UV Clear coated in middle of July warranted 30 days and longer free replacements if usual wear in 3 months.
I have published artworks in cook books and do paid commission art.
Feel free to Email me at come directly to iphone 📲 quick response or quotes. Also on Facebook private message me or a quote on art mailed to you signed by me.
🤠Thanks for visiting & have a so so so blessed summer
Jesus richly bless you and yours🎉.

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