Jesus Marketing & Country

Jesus Marketing & Country

Very Merry Christmas & Blessed New Year to everyone✨
enjoy the art gallery ❄️ 🎶❄️🎶💗
Dec sales to New Years enjoy

3-D art since 1st grade, photographic mind for images, creative, cheerleader type, got to love your life, country boy, artist 2 published book covers & 3rd book cover in works 2021
Sold art since teens and church art throughout the years stunning art with a flare even touch up in printed issue. Jesus Christ art ensued after twice Jesus 110% re-gifting healing when crushed to a beautiful new imperfect you wrapped in His righteousness and asking walking in Holy Spirit seeing my battles fought is thee coolest Lord Jesus so imperfection has less effect on you and living water.
Isaiah 40:31 been revitalized beyond doctors belief up 5x so fired me up Praise Jesus and lift up Jesus to world to preaching Jesus gospel-- 1 Cor 15:1-4; John 3, 20:31 and 1:12. He can do for YOU want He did for me! Knocking & knocking praying even saved daughters life priceless

Always listening to music and brain storming selective images before painting and sketching likewise my mood general sunny is important to draw all art, most art has a story or mood I can recount atmosphere of the artwork usual in a fury of 8 to 9 hours art work pours out of me. Inspiration is nice especial since Jesus answers at times what to draw since for the first poster God said drawl a poster, me ignored voice, then take 4 sheets of sketch paper tape together draw poster, oh it is you a got a poster pad immediately and feverishly drawl what God downloaded to me and per God put it in windshield of truck. Hence windshield shades, license plates, mugs and home decor to yard signs to the glory of God.

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