Jesus Marketing & Country

Jesus Marketing & Country

Custom Vibrant Christian art to sharing your faith by Midwestern Visual Artist Larry Wayne Wernert, see Christian Shop
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Vibrant Christian Art Shop on shirts to sweat shirts, yoga mats, stickers & much more to share your faith and inspire please see pixel with sales can copy and paste link to share on many items.

About me humble servant of the Lord, saved at 16 radically transformed new spiritual rebirthday and extremely heart refreshing; found power over spiritual in name of Lord Jesus Christ & miraculous healings of tri-metals poisoning, God sent me 1700 miles to home saving daughters life from Rx liver toxicity so priceless, multiple sclerosis crushing pain vanished, heart loss ended of 6 years and baby root of bitterness Jesus so loved away month before wife's divorce; each time bit the dust to glorious new you! Hallelujah! Strength in weaknesses and its a take your cross/imperfections up and follow Jesus & be blessed and lift up Jesus Divine Savior to the world--
John 1:12; John 3; John 20:31; Romans 8 and 10; Ezekiel 36:26; Ezekiel 18:30ish; Genesis 15:6.

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