Jessica Craig-McFeely

Jessica Craig-McFeely

I am a mixed media contemporary artist who emigrated from Hampshire to Oxford around 20 years ago.

I am for the most part self taught excepting a year at art college which if anything taught me that I do not like college art courses. Quite why I later attempted to gain entry to Oxford Brookes to do their fine art degree course I have absolutely no idea. Anyway I am at university now, I am just not studying art.

I do not favour any particular medium cause as the saying goes. "variety is the spice of life." I Have completed various projects in montage, acrylics and pastels. When I am feeling adventurous I dabble with oil paints.

When I am not painting or drawing I enjoy cooking, going for walks in the countryside or at least in nature, karate and speaking to the cats.

Not having a studio it is easier to simply have an easel or two in the corner of the living room next to the desk and within easy reach of a kettle and cooking facilities.