Jerry's Art Garage

Jerry's Art Garage

Jerry Guy, WBTT (Wilson Bickford Trained Teacher)

It’s Me, Jerry Guy!

I’d like to introduce myself to you and bring you along on a pleasant and surprising journey that I recently began. I’m Jerry!
Like many people, for years I have watched the PBS shows of Bob Ross and others and been mesmerized as they would turn a blank canvas into a completed painting in 30 minutes! The entire show was always a relaxing escape into the land of “happy little tree’s” and wonderful colors.

Well, finally I decided I would give it a try myself. Warning!! I have been known to dive into a pursuit and get lost for a while before finding a new one to pursue. Well this pastime has bitten me hard.

After some minor success at home with a few attempts I decided a couple of things.

1) It takes a lot stuff like paints, brushes, tools, space to get going.

2) I wasn’t very good at it yet. So much to learn!

3) I was getting better and learning a lot at each attempt. But wanted MORE.

4) I needed a good kick start to make my paintings suitable to hang in my home.

5) I learned it was not that hard once you learned a few TRICKS.



I started that journey with some one on one training with a Bob Ross certified instructor for a few lessons and was very pleased by the results. I then followed that up by searching YouTube for more information regarding this ‘Wet-on-Wet’ techniques.

It was during this search that I learned that this techniques is not new, nor was it invented by Bob Ross. The technique is centuries old. However, In more recent years the wet-on-wet practice has become well known as the primary method of painting used by such television artists as Bill Alexander, Bob Ross, Robert Warren, Wilson Bickford, Marion Dutton (in the UK) , and Kevin Hill. Search YouTube for these names for some wonderful tips, tricks, projects and painting experience that they share freely with the world.

After obtaining some Bob Ross training and YouTube self-teaching activities, my first instructor (Pete Ferry) shocked me by saying that I was progressing so fast that he thought I should look into becoming a certified teacher. I laughed at this a bit, but then thought “why not”? I followed that up with one-on-one lessons with Kevin Hill who is the host of ‘Paint with Kevin’ on PBS and a frequent contributor to YouTube tutorials.

My next step was to attend and graduate from the first Wilson Bickford Teacher Training Seminar in Watertown, New York. Hurray I was in a seminar with painters who have painted for decades, but I managed to make it through and gained confidence in my growing abilities.

That all brings me to today when I have a small set of skills, a strong desire to paint and a discovery that the process of teaching these techniques is exhilarating.

Now Lessons for you…….

First Lesson

Here is my first class with their results and smiles!!

Quick and Easy Oil paintings! I‘ll supply everything you need.

You can paint this, Heck I did!

How about it?
Let me guide you along to the process of creating your own masterpiece.

Thanks Jerry Guy

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