Jennifer Taylor Art

Jennifer Taylor Art

Welcome, my name is Jennifer Taylor.

I am an artist based in Newcastle Upon Tyne in England. I adore drawing nature and wildlife, creating pieces that are both imaginative and captivating.

I love colour and the vibrancy it gives. My favourite mediums to use are water colours, oils and acrylics. I also adore using coloured pencils, they're like little magic wands of colour, I use them for smaller sketches that I sometimes like to create. Pencil is also great for adding fine details at the end. I love the fine details and accents it gives my work.

I'm not afraid to experiment and I love the journey I find myself on with art. Getting lost in my own world is, for me, wonderful. So, welcome, I hope you find something you like. Happy to answer any questions anytime. 🙏🌞