Jenny D

Jenny D

I have always loved art and been lucky enough to go to quite a few museums all over Europe and the USA throughout my life. Over time I collected beautiful artwork which sadly was destroyed in a house fire in 2016. As time & I have moved on, I have attempted to resupply the images I lost.
A few years ago my significant other took me on my first cruise and I found out that one can purchase art onboard. Well I might have gone a bit "overboard" and over-purchased a few dozen bits of art. On top of that I paid to have them all professionally framed. Sadly, I do not have room for all the art. I gave some as gifts to family, some are hanging on the walls of my apartment. However they are doing no justice going unseen by those who can appreciate them. I realize the best choice is to sell off the art work.
They have all been appraised for value.
I hope your love of art finds happiness in the works I am sharing.

Victor Spahn


Marko Mavrovich


Thomas Kinkade

Animation Art- Looney Tunes