Jeffrey R. White Fine Art

Jeffrey R. White Fine Art

Born in Vermont, raised in North Carolina, I have always said I was born in the north but was raised definitely by wolves. At the early age of 8 I realized my God given talent for art when I would add shadowing to my coloring book subjects. I knew then that painting and drawing was all he wanted to do for the rest of his life. My thirst for architecture and landscapes has always been at the forefront of my realistic art. As I grew, so did my talent. In High School I began painting Vermont Barn scenes and drew most anything I could find that inspired me to capture the realism that most of us take for granted. There is no doubt that architecture and landscapes executed in a realistic format are the essence of my art.

As an architectural illustrator for over 25 years I have learned many techniques and rendered in many different mediums for people in the building industry. Whether clients needed acrylics, watercolors, pen & inks, graphite, color pencil, gouache, digital, from small 10” x12” black and whites to full blown color murals, it didn’t matter, I was always the one my employers relied on to get the job done when in a pinch. I was nicknamed the “chameleon” once because I could switch from one art medium to another with ease.

Outside of your typical High School and local community college art courses I has never had any formal training in “fine art” that one might think when you look at my work. Raw talent, many hours, and a strong drive to keep improving his techniques have guided me to the artist I am today. Having a Diploma in Visual Arts from the Art Institute of Atlanta helped get my first Architectural Illustration job in Houston Texas and thus opened doors for more opportunity on my road.

Thanks toy the grace of God, Dee and I are now back living in the Savannah area out on Wilmington Island. We are truly blessed to be able to come back and are thoroughly enjoying the "island" life with all it's benefits. I feel extremely blessed to get back (feet first) into my Savannah Series. What a wonderful life!