Jeanette Amlie - Visionary Art

Jeanette Amlie - Visionary Art

Visionary Art and Creative Processes to inspire and support your own journey of conscious awakening.

As a visionary artist my art is an outcome of my own spiritual practice. I quiet my mind and allow spirit to flow through me in an intuitive way. My process of image-making is very somatic and intuitive. I often begin with gestural marks, finger-painting or random collage. This allows my conscious mind to move into the background and make room for divine inspiration.

This intuitive approach allows me to explore my inner terrain and use The Creative Inquiry Process for my own growth and healing. Much of my work is also in visual journals and on small scraps of handmade paper that I made when I was a papermaker. Eventually they are collaged into finished works of art and artist's books that will also be offered here. I offer this work to support and inspire your own spiritual journey of conscious awakening.

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