Mother Natures Art

Hello, my name is Jesse. I currently live in CA. I am not a artist or a employee within the art world. What I have is what I would consider a "truly unique, one of a kind" piece. The piece you see in the picture is 100% made by Mother Nature. This is a piece of driftwood that I found on the beach in Acadia National Park when I was 10 years old. It has been on the wall in a residence of mine in Maine since 1993. This piece is shaped so well by Mother Nature it is actually scary, and a true reminder of Mother Natures beauty and power. From the only knot in the piece of wood being exactly where the eye is to the shape of the body with a dorsal finn and a split tail finn. This is truly amazing and I believe there is nothing else in the world like this and probably never will be again. This is 100% made by Mother Nature and by the coloring name hardness of the softwood now I'm guessing it spent many, many months if not a few years floating in the ocean, washing up on beaches, smashing into rocks. Until it arrived at its beautiful shapes of a fish.

Mother Nature's Art