Joe Contello's Digital Paintings

Joe Contello's Digital Paintings

Artist Bio

Joseph Contello
Photographer since 1969,
Visual Artist, using Photography, Video, Graphics Design, and Computer Animation since 1975.

Since 2004, working on “Digital Paintings”.
This process allows me to interpret my photographs in many different styles. The unique properties of this technique allow me to express and visualize the “callings” of each work.
Today Abstract Painting, tomorrow, Sketch & Charcoal, next week, Chalk and Watercolor, whichever way the photo calls out to me.

Using the computer allows me to be more productive, and generate work at a pace that fits my nature.

Never one to walk a path previously traveled, Navigating the way through new methods,
to achieve my vision of life as
I feel it.. See it.. Touch it.. and It Touches me.

One Person Shows
The Tea Spot, 127 MacDougal Street, NYC.
PSCH, Brooklyn NY, On permanent Display, “Carry Me” Vivo Restaurant- 1586 2nd Ave, NYC NY
BMCC- Athletics Walk of Fame, Chambers Street, NYC. Glo-Bar, Staten Island NY, 9/10/2014 thru 12/31/2014

Group Shows
3rd Eye Gallery, 1975.
The Cozy Art Gallery, Brooklyn NY, 4/05-1/06
Bottom Feeders Gallery, NYC, 10/05 -4/06
Jade Nectar Gallery, Cooper Square, NYC NY, 10/05-11/05. “Seduction” @ CCCP Gallery, Aug 6-29, 2010

Contributing Artist
MAGDRL - New Jersey Region
Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League, Inc.
Philadelphia ALS Benefit Dinner, 2007
IMH Magazine, December 2009,

Gallery 1 Nudes

Gallery 2 Scenes and Orchids