InsomniArt by: Jason Burke

InsomniArt by: Jason Burke

As the name would suggest, I don’t sleep much and have found that my most creative and productive hours commence at midnight.

I literally took a non conventional route to discover my passion for artistic creation and expression; here is my journey.

After obtaining a degree in Psychology and then a real estate license, I spent twenty years selling and property managing condominiums in Toronto. During this time, I was especially drawn to the staging aspect of the process and prided myself on being meticulous about every inch of the subject property; especially the decor.

I subsequently spent three years traveling throughout the Caribbean and Europe from which my passion for art and it’s creation was born.

I started with abstract acrylic painting then quickly incorporated epoxy resin to the paintings and loved how it literally brought them right back to their freshly painted state.

The addiction continued with the incorporation of my acrylic paint skins into pendants, resin jewelry/trinket boxes, custom key chains/purse charms, earrings, both resin and ceramic coasters, pins, masks and my most prized creation; a completely refurbished old dresser with acrylic tree ring pours and lots of resin.

That’s my journey thus far and I am humbled and filled with much love and gratitude for how well my little creations have been received; hence my desire to put my goodies on this site.

Jewelry (Pendants)

Jewelry/Trinket Boxes