Jase One Originals

Jase One Originals


Jase is a natural born creative soul who has a way of bending the box and making everything a playful project. He was born for creative expression and harnessing the God given talents of skill and vision. His expression, imagination, experience, passion, and love for the arts is unparalleled because he's destined to share his perspective of free expression.

Jase began realizing his potential from an early age when his finger painting showed signs of content and form. His enthusiasm and passion led him to the pursuit of continued studies and classical training at respected schools of art. He refined his techniques and found success in numerous mediums and styles, but most appreciates the disciplines of painting. He has a signature style all his own that manifests in every single one of his pieces.

Jase enjoys the creative process and presenting pieces for your consideration that come from a collaboration of sharing your visions, ideas, and expressions. He seeks to make a connection with a perfect feeling, moment, or style and make a lasting impression of admiration and enjoyment for his work.

A freelance illustrator, painter, craftsman, and talented artist who freely shares his thoughts and endeavors to capture your interest and delight your eye. Step into his world of expression and let him show you.

Alcohol and ink abstracts

Handmade wire wrap pendants

Jase one Abstracts