Jarrett.T.Camp Artwork

Jarrett.T.Camp Artwork


Award winning Los Angeles artist Jarrett Camp was born in Warren, Ohio and grew up mostly in West Covina, California where he became fascinated with skateboard culture. He finds inspiration in way the people of LA express their passion, whether it’s through skateboarding, fine art or graffiti.

Being both a Jehovah’s Witness and dyslexic influenced Camp’s mission to help others, particularly the underserved and alienated through creating art with a message of positivity and hope.

Dyslexia affects the left side of the brain impairing the ability to sort out language in the correct sequence, which in turn makes processing the alphabet extremely difficult. While this is a challenge, Camp has leveraged the inherent benefits of dyslexia - an aptitude for two dimensional representation as well as three dimensional design. For instance, when frustrated with his inability to get a piece of perspective absolutely perfect, he’s been known to carve the problematic image out of an eraser at hand to use as a model from which to draw.

His work in stipple has been exhibited at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. He is working on a line of fashion and a comic book series featuring his hero characters Shun and Atin.