Art by Giovanna

Art by Giovanna

Born and educated on the island of Malta, of Armenian and Maltese extraction. Giovanna grew up surrounded by sea, sun, sand and rocks. She completed various art courses, in Sicily and Northern Italy.

Giovanna travelled extensively throughout Europe and Northern Africa, her painting reflect different lights and shadows gained through her travel experience and memories. Her landscapes capture the mystery of Ireland at dawn or sunset, and her fantasy and figurative art inspire the imagination.

Having lived in many countries her work reflects the influences of seasonal colours like the rusty leaves of Autumn, or the beautiful sunsets of the West Coast of Ireland.

Giovanna visited Ireland in 1980 for a short break that lasted 9 months. She returned to Ireland in 1995, where falling in love with the countryside and the people all over again, decided this was home away from home.

In the past years she has had numerous solo and group exhibitions and shows both abroad and in Ireland. Various collectors in Malta, England, Italy, Poland, Australia and Ireland have acquired her paintings. She now lives and paints in Ireland.