Paintings by Jennifer Redman Wadsworth

Paintings by Jennifer Redman Wadsworth

My main goal is to engage friends and strangers in a visual conversation with my work. To engage, positive or negative, is success for me.

I’ve been fortunate to have mounted several solo art shows in Maine. My work has been exhibited in many juried exhibitions, solo shows, and I’ve participated in what I call the Sunshine Shows (outdoor art festivals) since 1990. I had to stop doing those due to age and ill health. I enjoyed visiting with people that stopped to view my work. I have stories to tell about those visits, which I will get to eventually in my blog at I’ve also participated in several open studio tours and have a small gallery in my home.

I am an artist as well as a wife, mother, grandmother, gourmet cook, former bookkeeper and cancer survivor living in Turner, Maine. My name is Jennifer Wadsworth. I’ve lived here since 1976. I raised my two children. My husband and I operated a large dairy farm for thirty-five years. We have sold the cattle, equipment and finally the land. Our home was not part of the sale.

I hope to inspire people to live in the moment, see art in everything, appreciate a well crafted piece and savor a gourmet meal. Life is for living … trite saying, but true. I am not a “busy, busy, busy, busy, busy” person. I do not rush through my day!

I can speak from the experiences of many years and am open to everyone’s opinions, especially those that differ from mine. I look forward to communicating with collectors and other artists

Regards … Jennifer

The flowers

Landscapes Imagined

The Women and a few Men