The J Matthew Collection

The J Matthew Collection

Artist, author, & inventor. HFA/Asperger's weirdo. Member of the Southern Heartland Arts Inc, Artist Guild in Covington, GA.

J Matthew's technique typically utilizes over 40 colors per piece. These include flat, glossy, shimmer, metallic, blacklight/neon, glow in the dark, glitter, and pearl mica powders. The pieces are resin-covered acrylic on either canvas board or gesso board.

The results are breathtakingly stunning. The UV protective resin leaves a shine and depth that glass can not achieve. The layered color combination provides up to three different viewing opportunities, daylight, UV light, and sometimes glow in the dark.
The daylight version of the museum quality image allows viewers to appreciate the depth and expanse of color and texture employed. Every square inch becomes a Universe unto itself. Gorgeous cells and lace dance around the perimeter of darkness before being beautifully encapsulated in a field of white negative space. You can spend hours gazing up close at the details. Reading glasses are encouraged for detailed appreciation of art works.

Break out the UV light and you'll notice a different painting all together. Every painting is hand signed and hand titled by artist using blue UV blacklight reactive invisible ink. It can't be seen under normal day (or bulb) light and thus, never detracts from the standard galleried view of the painting. The UV light illuminates the signature, title, and the neon and blacklight friendly paints as they begin refracting light.

Pictures ship framed in museum quality, gallery-ready custom black frames unless otherwise mentioned in item description.
J Matthew only frames with exceptional museum quality and to gallery specifications.
Every piece comes with a Certificate Of Authenticity that utilizes invisible ink reactive to UV light for verification.
Earliest Works Collection size: 4
Requisite Collection size: 25
Opulence Collection size: 10
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Requisite Collection

Opulence Collection

RARE Earliest Collection