Aditi Jha

Aditi Jha

I feel blessed to have the time to look so deeply into the life around & within me & hope to share that feeling with you through my paintings.
I try to portray emotions through paintings. I believe the story already exists on the plain canvas, we are the mediums to create the untold st ories which haven’t born yet.
I am fascinated with the idea of “Universe within us”, the Universe is contained within us, & what we experience externally is only a reflection of what we feel from inside. With the help of my painting I want people to realize that we are not little, the moment we think we are little we become one. We need to know the power or potential which exist within us, the energy which flows in our blood.
The universe is not outside of us, inside us we have everything we want.

I consider myself experimental artist exploring fusion, textured, modern, original, abstract art, and knife paintings. My paintings have been purchased for homes, corporations for offices & in Private collection.

My paintings are the result of an OERB (Obsessive Experimental & Restless Behaviour). Due to my restless nature I work simultaneously in different styles and subject. Perhaps I don't have a particular style or maybe I am still searching for it or just enjoying the journey towards the unknown. I don't know what I want but I am quite sure what I don't want. I strongly feel that a painting should depict an artist not a style.

I am a full-time, professional artist residing in Delhi, India . I have a Bachelors Degree in Philosophy. I absolutely love what I do, and feel very blessed that I can do what I love!