Jonathan Brice Lyman

Jonathan Brice Lyman


At the age of 5 when his mother started giving him paper and crayons to scribble with on the floor, Jonathan Brice Lyman began expressing a natural talent for making art.

In 2010, he earned a Bachelor’s of Fine Art at the Kansas City Art institute, but soon fell into the cliché role of the starving artist, believing he lacked any real motivation to pursue a career in the arts.

For nine years, Lyman survived by working in restaurants and occasionally receiving commission requests. In his free time, he struggled to make personal work, seeking a greater answer to why he should make art in the first place.

In the Spring of 2019 while surfing the internet, he came across a man named Marshall Vian Summers, who received a revelation called the New Message from God.

Through the revelation, Lyman believes that he discovered a source of inner knowing that fulfills his life-long quest for purpose, meaning, and direction.

He now lives in Kansas City, where he uses his art to inspire his audience to follow Knowledge, what the New Message calls the greater intelligence that God has placed within each person.


Illustrations of Steps to Knowledge



Abstract Work