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Hello. My name is John J. Burnett Jr., and I am living with HIV. I am not defined or hindered by Labels & Stigmas of other people's opinions. I believe my relationship with Jesus Christ, who truly impacted my life. Through this relationship empowered me with courage to accept the doctor's report, that I have the HIV virus.

I realized my HIV story from spiritual wholeness too physical treatment of the virus, can help inspired another man to take back his authority, that has been given to him by Jesus Christ. I now value the life I have as a HIV survivor who is Loved by Jesus Christ. I have a goal and vision to build a support facility for men who struggle with; labels and stigmas related to HIV/AIDS, sexual abuse,and understanding the love of Jesus.

Using my gifts and talent I will build a place of refuge, for Men who want to be Strengthened and Build/Restore a relationship with Jesus Christ. This facility will be know as "THE EDIFY FORUM". We will offer a one year live in support program that will Edify, Empower, Educate & Encourage men to courageously move forward with their lives. Our mission is to walk with our brothers with the love and power of the Holy Spirit, but we will not walk for them. The goal is to help men and young men to live a life worth living. Our foundation is built on Luke 22:32. “When you have been strengthen, strengthen your brother.”

I am using my creative talents and gifts to create original works of art to generate revenue to build and support this courageous vision to ignite hope in the lives of men through "THE EDIFY FORUM".

Your purchase will help support this outreach facility.

Thank You for your support.

Contact me at: john@jbedify.com


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