Brick Art By James.J.Bacon

Brick Art By James.J.Bacon

Lego Mosaic Art by James.J.Bacon

James.J.Bacon is a native of Essex, England. His interest in Lego began before he could walk, and by the age of 10, he began building the most advanced Lego set available at the time. James won his first recognition while he was still in primary school.

After 10 years of creating small mosaics from Lego, James has gone on to create stunning large pieces of art using only genuine Lego parts. Each piece takes hours upon hours to design and create. Fans of James’ art from all over the world follow his latest creations. Recently a piece dedicated to the British sitcom Only Fools And Horses, received national coverage in a leading British newspaper. James will commission pieces if there is that special artwork of a family member or Star that you would like created.

Artist Statement
I am fascinated by the effects Lego can achieve. I have a personal preference to create my work of world famous Stars in their iconic roles. One can spend a life time and never come close to capturing all of these stars in Lego form. I feel blessed to allow my artwork to be shown to the world.

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