Acrylics By: J-Hump

Acrylics By: J-Hump

J-Hump was born in 1988. He began painting January of 2012 and quickly fell in love with the art.He bristle brushes acrylics over stretched canvas, and enjoys scenery with a twist.He is happily married, residing in central Georgia, USA. He greatly appreciates what science and education has to offer. J-Hump has been in love with reading from a young age. Science Fiction, Zombie Horror,Fantasy are his favorite genres.

"The greatest gift you can give a child is the love for literacy,with that they can write a better future."

J-Humps art has been feature in the literary art magazine

"Gap Toothed Madness" out of Sacramento, Ca
Issue Two Volume One.

His art work has also been featured on the YouTube channel
WeSauce: Vsauce Creative Showcase -- YOUR BiDiPi #14

Visit his online portfolio web site at www.J-Hump.Weebly.Com

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