Gnostic Laboratory of Art

Gnostic Laboratory of Art

IVAN BOCCHERINI was born in Florence ( Italy) on 28th of July,1975. He studied and graduated at Art School in Florence, Italy and then studied History at the University of Literature and Philosophy.
In his personal journey Ivan explored spirituality of the West and the East with particular attention to the Christian mysticism and Gnosticism, and also Indian spirituality, which all became part of his spiritual practice.
Ivan Boccherini uses art as a spiritual instrument for research, meditation, self-realization, and to express values that are eternal and fundamental for the human being.
His purpose is to promote spiritual awakening, understanding of ourselves through art and symbols, encouraging the viewers with his paintings on the journey that brings us from the darkness of ignorance (of ourselves) to the Light of Gnosis (Knowledge of who we truly are).
Ivan Boccherini exhibited his paintings in Italy in various places before he started travelling and spent long periods in India for his spiritual development.

In 2011 Ivan moved to Edinburgh, Scotland, where now he lives and continues his work.

He says:
'' I consider art as an instrument, a precious instrument of development and transformation that helps the man to seek and realize his true Self.
For me painting is a form of meditation and therefore I conceive my paintings as objects for meditation and spiritual items.
I wish that my paintings could be an encouragement to meditation for others, to answer the questions that always accompany men: Who are we? Where did we come from? Where are we going?
And to investigate the Great Enigma of who or what we really are.
Before our age there was only sacred art, now appears that there is only profane art. I think that the right measure is in the middle and we have to find the sense of sacred in everyday life.
As the art is a human expression, I think, it should express also what in the human being is most precious and dwells within and not only represent the external reality for a mere aesthetic purpose.
I think we need to go into the future without cutting the roots of our past and history.

In a Gnostic gospel it is written:
'Truth did not come into world naked, but it came in symbols and images. The world will not receive the truth in any other way'

Symbols are always alive and they speak to us, the task of the artist is to use them wisely.''

Ivan Boccherini


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