The Chronic Insominic

The Chronic Insominic

It is the little moments.

True beauty happens in the blink of an eye. The good and wonder in the world can be so easily missed in the daily rush of our lives.

At 17 I had a realization; if I saw the world as a whole colored by overall circumstances in life I would continue to live a life overshadowed by sadness and frustration.
I learned to slow down and to take the time to really see, not just to look.
I not only stop to smell the roses, I stop to admire their perfection, their color and form, their beauty.

I strive to share that beauty, to capture, through my lens, the world that I see. To share these moments of wonder with others.

Memories are moments in the mind colored with emotion. I attempt to capture these moments to be enjoyed and remembered timelessly.

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