Being a firm believer that there are many different ways to approach the subject of art I would like you to think upcycled art and environmental art.

Environmental art can open our eyes to the intricacy and beauty of the natural world. It can simply be a pretty picture that appreciates nature for what it is... or it can be a challenging piece expressing our complex human connection to nature.

Upcycled art can serve a purpose beyond being an object of beauty and it can also address pressing environmental issues and topics about conservation, sustainability, preservation, biodiversity, and threatened habitats.

All art has the ability to interact with and educate the viewer about these issues, spreading awareness about such important topics.

We feel an instinctual need to take care of the things we feel connected to. Art can help renew, or spark a connection with nature or even ones self being.

I was born, raised and still remain a resident of beautiful Santa Catalina Island. We are one of the 8 Channel Islands in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Southern California.

My name is Susie Budd and I love to create art from the materials that are around us everyday. Items collected from our Mother Earth such as, sea shells, pebble rock, volcanic rock, tree bark, sticks, pine cones, leaves and more.

I have my favorite spots I go to on the island to collect what I need to do my next project being careful not to disturb the circle of life.

I also enjoy upcycling. I use some selective waste items such as tin cans for my wind tins, aluminum bottles, and 2 liter soda bottles for various creations such as wind chimes, planters, and bird houses.

I had never addressed myself as an being an artist because I am self taught but as the years have gone by I have learned that we are all artists. We all have a creative side to us even if it is not practiced.

As I continue to come up with new pieces or I am inspired by the new and vintage art of the very many artist's I admire, I will post in my gallery to hopefully pass on that creative inspiration to someone else or for you to enjoy yourself.

There is a role for upcycling just as there is a role for encouraging consumers into making greener purchases as in green marketing.

However, the biggest contribution that can be made is to do what we can to discourage waste in the first place through lifestyle changes —shifting culture away from consumerism, in essence, “waste prevention” versus; “waste management.”

I am open to criticism and new ideas so please email me at
should you have any comments or suggestions.

That being said, sit back, kick up your feet and relax as you explore the many different materialistic items that have been converted into useful and enjoyable art.

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