I was born, raised and still remain a resident of Avalon on beautiful Santa Catalina Island for all my life and I love living the Island life. However, it is very expensive to live In this beautiful sanctuary and most families struggle to keep afloat. A second, sometimes third job or some other means of bringing in income is mandatory in order to maintain the simple island lifestyle, let alone an extravagant one. So I decided to give it a go with the many forms of art work I had created just in my spare time as a hobby. I never really considered myself an "Artist" due to not receiving the proper education in this field and due to the variety of materials I work with. After putting a few pieces out into the public's eye I was beginning to get noticed and sold all my pieces on display. It was at this time, that I started creating art from already used items and turning them into a a newer, more useful item then originally intended, this method is known as upcycling. An upcoming epedemic that people are now just learning about.
One of my all time favorite ways to save money and bring elements into my home that have purpose and meaning is with upcycling, a.k.a. reusing or repurposing an item into another use or function. I’ve upcycled a lot of things around my home and have now come to share the end results on www.artpal/islandtreasures247 and on Facebook's Catalina's Treasure Chest where you can buy items members have posted for sale or you can sell any tasteful items you no longer have any use for. It's not just art.
Upcycling, also known as creative reuse, is the process of transforming by-products, waste materials, useless, or unwanted products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value. This is all good news for the environment as more trash is upcycled, less trash is ending up in landfills. It also lowers the consumption of raw materials, air pollution from waste incineration, and water pollution from leaking into landfills.
Here’s a role for upcycling of course, just as there’s a role for encouraging consumers to make greener purchases as in green marketing. However, the biggest contribution that can be made is to do what we can to discourage waste in the first place through lifestyle changes —shifting culture away from consumerism, in essence, “waste prevention” versus; “waste management.”
That being said, sit back, kick up your feet and relax as you explore the many different materialistic items that have been converted into useful and enjoyable art.

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