Hello! I’ve had a love for drawing people since I was young. My special area of interest is the face, especially the eyes, nose, lips and hair. The eyes express the soul of the person and I express their emotions through how I draw/paint them. That’s what draws me into a portrait. My grandmother used to have those old dolls with the hand-painted sparkly like eyes. The artist used multiple colors that created that starry eyed effect. When I do the eyes, I usually do that same effect. And the lips of my female subjects will have voluptuous lips that are far from flat looking.

My main favorite subject is drawing beautiful females from my imagination. And to paint or draw them also from models or photos. I was influenced by the 80’s style artwork of just the eyes, nose and lips, and a hint of the rest of the woman’s face.

My style varies from super realistic to more pop art/realistic. I love using lots of color in my work, depending on the subject of course. In highschool I did a multi-color portrait in color pencil of Robinson Crusoe. And a pastel of Marilyn Monroe in college. And my style or preferences started to develop towards my use of color.
Later in my life I discovered an amazing artist, the world renowned late Ramon Santiago of Rochester, NY. His style fascinated me and that’s the style that I most wanted to emanate, and was close to the style I did naturally. And my latest work you can see his style in more or less ways. His work of mostly beautiful women, in a style that is mysterious and subtle.

I have an interest in abstract art and landscapes, which I have branched out into, to express that side of myself that is less tight, more loose. It’s nice to try and enjoy other styles.
My work is done mostly in water soluble oil paints, pastels, some watercolors, charcoal, and pencil(graphite). I have studied with a local pastel portrait artist Sari Gaby, in her pastel portrait classes.

I have been commissioned for artwork, and showed some pieces in a local art show. I was accepted and showed my original art for sale in my own booth, at the Lilac Festival and the Park Ave Fest in Rochester, NY.

Original Artwork

My Prints