Hi! I'm Irina. I decided to get rid of the stuffy third person bio and just tell you a little about myself.

I've been painting (mostly) portraits since 2015 and now have collectors around the world. I create artworks of my own design as well as custom paintings by commission. This is my full-time job and I am currently booked for over a year (my clients are awesome).

I constantly get inspired by the human body. I specially love interesting light situations and skin colours.
The sculptural aspect is very obvious in my paintings.
I hardly paint any details so that i can focus on light and colour.
I´m always playing with contrasts.
Warm and cold, light and dark, different structures and soft and hard edges. Sometimes they become more important than the subject itself.
That´s when the painting get´s an almost abstract touch.

I also love textiles, plants, patterns and interior designs and when I'm not painting I often handcrafting items like jewelry or furniture.

The best place to check out my latest work is on my Instagram @ipc_art

Portrait of a Woman