When my father was driving me to the University of Florida in Gainesville about 45 years ago, I informed him that I wanted to study art. He said that you can’t make any money at that and I needed to be able to support my self. Not having the confidence to take the risk, I studied education instead. Not a high paying field but I loved kids and it was a steady income with summers off. I kept doing art in the background. I sold portraits in watercolor on the side and took classes for years. I taught art a few times over the years as well.

Oil is my favorite medium but my lifestyle isn’t amenable to oil because of the drying time. I spend a lot of time in a motorhome in Spain, England, and Croatia when I’m not in Colorado with friends and kids or Georgia with my sister and dad. Living a pretty mobile life suits me, so doing digital art works for me for now. I also do a little gouache, acrylic and watercolor but have really been enjoying manipulating photos or just starting from scratch with procreate.

Digital art