Intuitive Artist by the Beach

Intuitive Artist by the Beach

My name is Alexis McKenzie and I am a self taught artist, painting since 1985. I co-owned a gallery, which was a fantastic experience that taught me much about the journey of being an artist. I paint intuitively, as well as Plein Air and from photographs. My passion is color, my medium is watercolor and alcohol tints. When I paint I feel an extreme connection with creativity.
As I paint, I want to express my passion and gratitude for life and all the possibilities it holds for each of us.
In the past few years I have also dedicated much time to photography another of my passions, which you will also see available on this site.
Art is such an incredible form of expression and I hope that my work, can lift you up and speak to your heart.
Believe in all possibilities and may your road be easy and your heart be full of love and joy. I hope you enjoy viewing my collection. Thank you.



Flowers, Trees


Butterflies and Bees

Architecture, Buildings