The Rabbit Hole Gallery

The Rabbit Hole Gallery

Dr. Margaret Brooks has been a sculptor for over 25 years. She studied with four prominent sculptors, Stanley Bleifeld (sculptor of 2 Navy memorials and the Civil rights monument), Michael Keropian. (Sculptor of the Tigers in the Detroit Tigers stadium), Jim Youngman, and Peter Rubino. She is owner of The Rabbit Hole Gallery in Weston, CT, USA.

Dr. Brooks enjoys doing portraits in bas relief and in the round. Portraits make excellent and unusual gifts. For instance a man might give his wife portraits of their children for an anniversary present. Margaret sculpts animals as well as people and a portrait of a beloved pet is also a wonderful gift.

Margaret paints but in a very different style from her sculpture which is realistic. Her painting is colorful and semi-abstract. She favors African subjects, both animals and people.

To commission a portrait of a loved one, Dr. Brooks can be contacted through Artpal or email:

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