I began dabbling in 3d digital art back in the early 1990's. I began my 3D animation journey in 1999. I began creating 3D assets in 2013 and have been creating 3D assets for other artists to use in their projects for over 8 years now. I finally decided to begin using my own assets to create artwork for myself. I am absolutely addicted to digital art - it is a personal passion. I love to learn and expand my knowledge every chance I get. This is now the next phase for me - creating artwork for myself and others to enjoy. I still create 3D assets for other artists, but I feel like this is my time to shine. I have deep roots in horror and science fiction, but I simply love to create. I have opened my creativity to other genres as well. I hope you enjoy my gallery now and continue to enjoy it as I expand and create pieces that are thought provoking and entertaining. I would love to have my artwork hanging in YOUR home. Thank you so much for looking!



Beautiful Ocean


Youth & Beauty

Celebrity Portraits


Snow Fairy

Spring Love

Sinful Sorceress

Peaceful Life

Pink and Gold

Child in all of Us

Golden Girls

Modern Terror