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My mother had a Brownie medium format camera which she used for vacation shots and family photo pics. I was fascinated with it, with the idea that I could frame an image in the viewfinder and then, after dropping off the film for processing, that I could get prints of what I had pictured. I was fascinated by the film itself, which showed my image, yet not my image, covered in a orange patina with reversed colors. When she saw that my interest grew instead of diminishing she bought me a 126 Instamatic, which used film cartridges that were suitable for little hands. Since then I've been learning about photography and honing my craft and perfecting my ability to capture the image I want and offer a print which meets my expectations.

- My work is produced strictly with archival materials.
- All prints are signed and numbered.
- Prints are available in a variety of sizes.
- The watermarks you see here are NOT on the prints.
- Ask me questions. Drop me a note, either here, at ImageEverything@aol.com, or through my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/David-Gardner-Photography-2296748807210060/photos/.

I am a fine art photographer. What does that mean?

It means that my images are released in signed, numbered editions. Once an edition is closed out, it’s gone for good, i.e., I do not do “second editions.” It also means that my images are printed using archival materials and methods. Together, these two standards mean that they are not only striking but also an investment; archival printing means that they'll last, and the limited edition means that I won't flood the market. .

A third requirement for fine art photography is that the artist "handles" the print, or in other words sees it and approves it as matching the intent. Because printing services and materials can vary a great deal, the results can sometimes be, shall we say, disappointing. I work with local fine art printers who can guarantee the results I demand. This is the reason that I don't use the Print on Demand system. I would have to have the print shipped to me to verify the output, and then ship it to my collector, adding unnecessary cost.

About my prints:

All of my images are available in a variety of sizes. Typically, I'm listing the print with the maximum size I can easily produce, roughly 13x19 inches to 26x38 images. I will usually mount and mat with 3-4 inch borders for prints of this size, resulting in a product that is roughly 20x26-ish inches to 34x46ish inches. That said, the maximum enlargement depends on several factors, including the capture method, and I have images that can print up to 4x5 feet. Obviously, I can also print smaller images. If you'd like to ask about a larger or smaller size, send me a note.

All of my images are sold mounted and matted. Part of the reason for this is that I can use the mount and mat to help provide provenance, proof that the print comes from me and is in a limited edition. The mat is signed and numbered, and a Certificate of Authenticity is attached to the back of the mount. I also lightly sign and number the print itself in case it should become separated from the mat and mount, .

Generally I do not offer framed prints. The increase in both size and weight adds significantly to shipping cost, so there's really little benefit to my clients. I am knowledgeable about framing for longevity, and I'm happy to discuss framing with a buyer to help choose something I think would be suitable. I can supply framed images if you're really interested.

I will ship to Alaska, Hawaii, and outside of the United States, although I do not have these services listed. I've found a lot of variation in prices for shipping outside of the continental US, however, and I feel like listing a price is a commitment to my customers that I can provide the service at that price. If you're outside of the continental US, send me a note to get a price.

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