Hilda Vandergriff

Hilda Vandergriff


California Artist, Hilda Vandergriff, paints in watercolor, pastel and Chinese brush.
She uses beautiful color combinations and loose washes in her backgrounds. Her art inspiration is nature; insects, flowers, animals and landscapes. She looks for the beauty in all her subject matter that ultimately will translate into an original cherished piece of artwork.

Her Asian inspired paintings are on a variety of rice papers. Some have visible fiber textures, gold speckles or silver treads woven into the paper and some on Chinese silk. They are painted with Chinese ink and watercolor. Some have a suminagashi design. Suminagashi is a Japanese technique once held as a secret. The technique of floating inks and colors on water and transferring them to paper produce a unique marbling effect. Hilda uses calligraphy and seal chop.

She has art exhibiting in San Francisco, Central Coast and Central Valley.
Hilda teaches children and adults art lessons in Chinese brush painting and watercolor. She has done art demonstrations for Women’s Museum group, Elementary Schools and Art Organizations. She also does commission art works.

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