Hudson Street Studio

Hudson Street Studio

Expressing emotions, hopes and beauty that’s inspired by nature through art. This art is my gift to anyone who appreciates color and liveliness in their surroundings!

I first learned to love art in elementary school in Kansas when I was around 9 years old. We had an outstanding teacher who’s enthusiasm was contagious and he was very knowledgeable about his field.

In middle school, I often doodled and daydreamed which kept me out of trouble and into the wheat fields just north west of our house where I would play and attempt to chase the end of the rainbows after every rain shower.

Coming into high school my artwork blossomed into watercolor and ethnic figures of mothers wearing graceful dresses while walking with children.

Becoming an adult shifted my focus into college courses and jobs that were totally unrelated to art. It became a past time to relieve stress.

Now I return to what I really enjoy doing and sharing. I plan to continue to improve my work as time goes on. Join me on this journey and support a blossoming artist!