Howard Benjamin Fine Art

Howard Benjamin Fine Art

Once upon a time, a little boy was born into a world where everything changed very, very fast. Painters painted, sculptors sculpted, and swimmers swam in the oceans and streams. This little boy was named Howard after his Grandfather, who his Grandfather was a great, great, famous Man in this world where everything changed so very, very fast. Howard would concentrate really, really hard and, after a little bit of focus, he would levitate off the ground because his body was a magnetic superconductor of great power. Once he started to levitate, places would pop into his head and he would instantly transport to them using his teleportation ability that he was born with. His parents would get very, very worried about this happening and tried to stop him. They put chains on his ankles and wrists. Chains that were anchored to a wall made of concrete. But that never stopped him, he was always gone in the blink of an eye. His parents tried dampening fields created from magnetic frequencies, but that only delayed it a few minutes. Soon enough, his parents gave up. They let him be the person he was meant to be and never worried about him disappearing ever again. And now Howard loves to paint weird stuff and sell it for lots of money because each painting carries some of his vibrations making the paintings come to life at times when people are looking. How odd? THE END.


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