homayra elsayed

homayra elsayed


Homayra Elsayed is a New York Artist who paints during her free time. During the Pandemic, Homayra Elsayed decided to draw as a way to express her emotions through paper. Art was used as self therapy for Homayra who felt worried, stressed and scared of the turmoil happening in New York. The virus that hit New York and the world has caused Homayra to channel her emotions by creating more art and sharing it in her instagram @homayraelsayed. She used art to help others going through tough times as well. Homayra also utilizes Picasso art as a fun way to express her feelings.

Collage with words


Colorful Picasso Collages

Picasso collage Faces

Mental Health

Diversity and Black Lives Matter

Animals and Insects

Abstract art

African Art

Afghan Woman and art