Helena Safari

Helena Safari


I am a multidisciplinary artist based in Folkestone, Kent UK.
I utilise a painterly style and bold dynamic use of colour .
My work often depict themes and sentiments from pop culture in tandem with much more personal works connecting to my family roots.
I have a strong passion for art since my childhood, my sense of playfulness and curiosity evoke relationships within my works allowing both my audience and myself to connect personally and through collective memory.
My expansive lived history of travel and global cultural assimilation has lead me to a deeper understanding of multiple potential viewpoints, my work simply transgresses a single aimed audience.
My catalogue of influences are present and subtly woven through my pieces.
I utilise expressionist tonality and modernist experimental colour selection, all while paying homage to the artists who have affected my creative eye allowing for a strong personal style.
This said - enjoy my art.

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