Helen Lundquist

Helen Lundquist


Hello, Thank you for looking at my art.
I am Helen Lundquist, an impressionist artist living in Germany

See, feel, love, create, share

When I was a very young I had this experience where I stood on our balcony looking at the beautiful landscape and I had this burning wish to paint and share what I saw. This happened a few decades ago and I still feel this way when I draw or paint. I hope that my love for nature comes across in my artwork. Maybe it even inspires people to save what they love. Nature.

High quality is important
I paint on heavy pure linen canvas and use high-quality artists oil colors. The paintings are signed and sealed with varnish for protection.

I am a professional artist and have been drawing and painting since childhood. Later I studied art with Prof. Jim Dine and Prof. Leon Golub, New York. My art has been shown in numerous exhibitions in Germany and France. Although I draw and paint for many years now, I still learn and discover new areas of my profession.

What Art does
The language of Art touches People deep inside. My Collectors say they love my paintings and they are happy to own them. With my pictures, I hope to reach someone's heart and become a part of their home. A piece of art is a treasure for life.

Thank you for your interest Helen Lundquist

Oil Paintings

Charcoals on Paper

Charcoals on canvas