Helen Badarak

Helen Badarak


I’m a native Michigander who currently resides in California. I’ve always had an interest in art since my childhood days. I’m mainly a self taught artist who enjoys a variety of mediums with glass being a major part of my current creations. In 2013 I decided to learn the skill of glass fusing because I wanted to incorporate some fused glass pieces into my jewelry designs. A friend loaned me a very small kiln which I used to learn about glass fusing and the different stages glass goes through before it's a completed product. I ended up getting the fused glass bug so bad I decided to start a glass business where I now have 2 large kilns, a medium sized kiln and a small jewelry/test kiln. I got my first very large order in August, 2013 where I was commissioned to do 700 wine bottle cheese plates for a local winery. Glass By Helen is a compilation of a variety of art glass pieces that are not only art but are functional as well.

In addition to glass art, I’ve gone back to my grass roots of art and that’s painting. I used to paint in acrylics and draw in pastels but decided to capture real life images in photography and transfer them to paper using watercolors.


Fused Glass