Heather Perreira Mills

Heather Perreira Mills


Hello everyone! Welcome to my page!

I was born and raised on the outskirts of Fortuna, California. Wild and carefree would be the best two words to describe growing up in this idyllic country setting with the redwoods as my backyard. Playing outside was our babysitter. Of course it was a different time back then when it was safe for children to wander around. My best friend, Crystal, and I had at least a square mile of freedom to find whatever adventure we dared. Sometimes it was as simple as playing Barbies in our rooms, but more often than not tadpoles, mud, the fields or the forest environment were involved. Catching tadpoles in the neighborhood pond, making mud pies and potions, and playing hide-and-go-seek in the woods were high on our list of priorities. Heatherbear (or Dora as Miss Crystal would like to call me) was the nickname that was conjured for me by my family. It certainly seems to fit as a name for my emerging photography endeavor.

I currently reside only 20 miles from that country setting, but still close to the redwood forests I love. My daughter’s birth and our adventures together ignited my drive to capture the sights of our travels as we explore all that Northern California and Oregon have to offer us so far.

Photography has a deeper meaning for me than just capturing memories or comfortable places. I have struggled with manic anxiety and crippling depression that led to a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. On the days that I feel restless I am able to venture into the outside world and reconnect with nature through my photography. These pictures help to remind me of those peaceful moments and fun adventures when I am imprisoned by my own thoughts of hopelessness.

The big picture is to share my art in hopes that we can find connection not just with nature, but perhaps with each other too.

You can also follow my progress on Facebook @heatherbear707 or Heatherbear Photography

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