Heart of Heaven

Heart of Heaven



Noted artist Pat Musick worked from found objects to create the Heart of Heaven (ca.1990). The heart-shaped rock at the right of the piece’s center holds one key to its meaning, for this natural stone gave the work its name. As one of the sole co-owners of the work for over twenty-five years, I see it as uniting the natural with the manmade: the rock with its supporting bunch of rusty spikes and with a metal framed, rough-hewn plank, perhaps a remnant from someone’s home or barn. Above these objects, Musick’s white arc encompasses the whole. The sculpture brings a unifying beauty to simple things from ordinary life, to objects that might well seem in conflict. In itself, the Heart of Heaven resolves the abiding tension between nature and technology.

The piece is large and heavy (too heavy for an average person to balance it on a household scale), and it requires installation via the large metal staples behind the plank. The sculpture’s dimensions are approximately 60”w X 27”h X 9”d, excluding the staples. Because the Heart of Heaven is both striking and thoughtful, it deserves a spacious place of its own.

Price: $7,000.00. Contact owner (U.S.) at johanna.shields42@gmail.com with questions or for further information.


A remarkable person, Pat Musick was about as nearly born an artist as a person can be, and she continues creating into her ninth decade. She sometimes collaborates with her husband Colonel Gerald (Jerry) Carr, a Skylab astronaut. While Pat’s vision of her art is her own, Jerry’s view of the whole earth from space lent a unique dimension to Pat’s conception of the fragility, unity, and beauty of the world’s environment.

Pat and Jerry now live in Vermont, but her works are in over fifty museums and public spaces across the United States. Her books, which elaborate upon her experience and her philosophy of life, can be found at Amazon. For more complete information about the artist as well as other images of her work, see her websites: musickstudio.com and camusart.com.