Hayley R

Hayley R


My purpose is to create and share beautiful visions of the unknown. To take you on a visual journey.

My name is Hayley Rincón (she/her) I label most my work with "HR"and the date but I go by Hayley.

Im a professional tattoo artist of 15 years living in the Bay Area California with my partner and beautiful twins.
Ive considered myself an artist my whole life and only recently started to paint again after years of a creative "block". Ive found new spiritual inspirations and a rekindled love for painting and drawing through the use of psychedelics and meditation.

Music guides my heart, soul and hands and my hopes are to guide you on a journey as you immerse yourself in my art.

Or perhaps even just finding comfort in familiarity...

I create visionary artwork and psychedelic themed paintings/digital art. My favorite mediums to use are acrylics, ink, pens and Procreate on my IPad Pro.

Now, Allow me to guide you on a journey...

Artwork Instagram: @chasing_fractals
Tattoo Instagram: @hayleyrtattoos

Psychedelic Digital art

Acrylic Psychedelic art