Hannia Smith


Since I was a little girl I loved art.  I didn't quite know it in such an specific way, but I just knew that I loved doodling, I loved colors, loved the touch of a brand new and very white piece of paper.   I always dreamed of my mom buying me that 24 - color tin box of color pencils, but she always told me that 12 is good enough. 

That little girl grew to be a busy working mom of three children and for amost 30 years I put my love of art aside.

Now I am back! I consider myself a self - taught - late - bloomer artist.   I am spending most of my time enjoying my pencils (I have a lot more than 24 now), my brushes, my very white papers and canvases.  I am experimenting, trying new techniques, new colors, new subjects. I am hoping to be able to sell my art, but regardless, I am just loving the creative process.

Check my website at hanniasmith.com, to see the rest of my work.

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