Hamilton-Walker Art

Hamilton-Walker Art



During the past few decades, the global interest and enthusiasm for classic cars and yachts has multiplied tenfold, but here have been very few new talented artists emerging in the World of automotive or transportation art to depict this subject.

Nigel Hamilton-Walker has therefore used his thirty five years of experience in this field to create ‘Hamilton-Walker Art’ to record and illustrate the hedonistic halcyon days of transportation, travel and lifestyle in an artistic form.

The showcase collections will reminisce the days when Great Britain and The United States of America led the World in technical innovation, Germany in engineering quality, France and Italy in terms of design.

There are one hundred chapters in four Volumes amounting to three hundred & sixty one individual oil paintings.
We will be marketing various new collections as a homage to the incredibly talented designs of FIgoni & Falaschi, Bertone, Pininfarina and Zagato as well as creating glamorous editions dedicated to the embryonic early years of air, sea and railway transportation as well as sets epitomizing the ‘Roaring Twenties’ in New York.

It is thought that they will become beneficial investments in the future on the basis that art has now become so prohibitively costly to most passionate collectors and enthusiasts due to escalating values which auction house results clearly demonstrate.

It would have been very easy to use modern digital art technology to ‘mass market’ these paintings, but we have decided to market only original examples and therefore each completed picture remains unique and unlike any other. We do, however warn clients that a painting viewed on the internet may slightly differ in colour from the original.

We encourage, sponsor and commission various artists from around the World who have the insight and talent to capture and transform their visions into paintings and objet d’art at affordable prices. Our aim is to hold a series of competitions in different locations with prizes and incentives in order to locate and commission new talented artists to work with our huge stock of original images and items to create new editions.

We feel very honoured to have been invited to exhibit at the Royal College of Art in London during October, and we will be donating four of our paintings to be auctioned in favour of their preferred charities.

We also undertake commissions to paint a client’s specific subject relating to transportation or lifestyle and we can create one of our own paintings to a client’s own preferred size or colour scheme.

All our works are dispatched from London UK and will be delivered fully insured with tracker number facilities. They are unframed and stretched on wooden stretcher bars. They are ready to be hung or framed. We can supply them framed if requested, but framing is a very personal decision and the choice often depends upon the surroundings in which they are situated.

The cost is entirely dependent upon the clients choice of frame and will obviously increase postage and delivery costs due to weight.

Most of our works are to order and therefore will take up to 4 weeks to complete and deliver.

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Mercedes Benz

Aston Martin


The’Art’ Of Figoni & Falaschi

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Gruppo Bertone’s B.A.T.S


The ‘Decadent’ Duesey’s

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