Hamby Design

Hamby Design


Unique, one of a kind items for your home.

In the past couple years I have really been drawn to other areas, creatively. I have grown so much, as an individual, and as an artist. Not only have I been focusing on acrylics and spray paint, but I have ventured out into epoxy resin, candles, terrariums, and other home décor, as well as large and extra large wall art.

I hope you can follow me on this creative journey and appreciate the time I have spent on my painting skills, as well as time spent learning new techniques and areas of interest. I've combined oil and acrylic in ways that are often not done.

Recently, I've fallen in love with large abstract pieces. These pieces often take many, many hours to create. I create bold, intense paintings that satisfy my obsessive compulsive disorder, pieces that are perfectly symmetrical and geometrical.

Another recent obsession is resin. I use Art Resin to create beautiful layered nebulas, galaxies, and other space images. These are gorgeous in person. I use layers and layers of the highest quality resin and mix with glitter, glow in the dark paint, glow in the dark spray paint, acrylic paint, spray paint, mica pigments, alcohol inks, and other pigmentation to create beautiful space pieces.

I greatly appreciate your support! Please check back often for new items.